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The CEOworks Team February 19 2024 6 min read

WEBINAR: Insights from Top CHROs on Driving HR Performance

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The HR function has significantly changed in recent years as companies adapt to evolving workforces and business environments. One key question facing HR leaders is how to keep innovative thinking fresh while maintaining focus on performance outcomes. 

In a webinar featuring CEOworks | Europe Managing Partner Hein J.M. Knaapen, CEOworks Senior Partner Joydeep Mutsuddi, and Bookings Holdings CHRO Paulo Pisano, key themes emerged around aligning HR strategies with business objectives, enhancing leader engagement, nurturing psychological safety, and balancing curiosity with disciplined execution. The importance of linking HR to business value, prioritizing effectively, and fostering skills for constructive conflict were emphasized. The following is a synopsis of their discussion:


Aligning HR Strategies with Business Objectives

The discussion underscored aligning HR initiatives with business goals to ensure impact, with a focus on understanding company direction and risks to design supportive HR programs. Effective contracting between HR and business leaders was highlighted as crucial for setting clear expectations and aligning priorities to support company performance. Building a culture of psychological safety to encourage open disagreement and constructive conflict was seen as essential for decision-making and performance.


Communicating and Prioritizing HR Initiatives

Aligning the HR team behind agreed priorities involves clear communication about the business needs these priorities address and transparency about tradeoffs. The balance between fostering curiosity and maintaining focus on strategic priorities requires discipline and clear expectations to prevent dilution of focus. Skills for handling difficult conversations and constructive conflict are vital, with a need for practical training in these areas.


Innovations in HR Practices

Innovations in HR were discussed, such as skills-based development and management, leveraging technology for strategic work, and focusing on diversity and inclusion. However, the effectiveness of any innovation depends on its linkage to business value. 


The Strategic Value of HR

The webinar concluded with an emphasis on the strategic value of HR, advocating for a fundamentals-focused approach to talent, culture, and execution for driving business performance.


Learn how top HR executives Hein J.M. Knaapen, Joydeep Mutsuddi, and Paulo Pisano align strategies with business goals, create a culture of safety, and balance curiosity with execution. Gain insights into enhancing engagement, managing conflict, and driving performance. Empower your HR initiatives by watching the full discussion today.




The CEOworks Team

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