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The CEOworks Team December 20 2023 7 min read

WEBINAR: Leadership & Legacy - Building a People-Centric Enterprise

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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the embodiment of effective leadership and crafting a lasting legacy take center stage. | Europe recently hosted an insightful webinar delving into these themes. Managing Partner Hein J.M. Knaapen, a seasoned HR veteran with 35 years of experience, guided the conversation with his esteemed guest, Nathalie Roos. With an impressive 30-year trajectory in the FMCG and beauty sectors and currently leading LIPTON Teas and Infusions, Nathalie is the epitome of transformative leadership.

The following is a summary of their discussion. 


LIPTON Teas and Infusions's Ambitious Path and Roos's Vision

Nathalie Roos steers LIPTON Teas and Infusions, now a standalone entity after its separation from Unilever, towards becoming a global leader in the tea market. Her vision extends beyond mere growth; she aspires to uplift the tea category. This leader in the drink industry with its extensive brand portfolio, including household names like PG Tips and Tazo, is uniquely positioned to reshape the industry. Nathalie's approach emphasizes creating value for all - from the tea growers to the end consumers.


Stakeholder Value: The Heart of Roos's Philosophy

Central to Nathalie's philosophy is her commitment to generating value for every stakeholder. She envisions LIPTON Teas and Infusions as a catalyst for positive change, particularly in improving the lives of the millions involved in tea sourcing and production. Her strategy hinges on elevating product quality and brand value, which benefits the entire ecosystem –a testament to her belief in sustainable value creation.


People-Centric Leadership for Value Creation

Nathalie places immense importance on aligning and empowering her leadership team, understanding that this alignment is crucial for organizational engagement. Additionally, she focuses on developing skilled managers and reshaping the organizational structure to foster empowerment and accountability. This approach reflects her commitment to a less hierarchical, more dynamic corporate culture.


Prioritizing and Establishing Accountability

At LIPTON Teas and Infusions, contracting key priorities is critical in ensuring alignment and focus. Nathalie and her team have identified 5+1 key organizational priorities, aligning incentives and establishing clear accountability for these objectives. This disciplined approach has been instrumental in achieving milestones, such as the seamless carve-out from Unilever and effective cash management.


Streamlining for Value

Nathalie underscores the importance of eliminating non-essential elements to concentrate on what truly adds value. For instance, LIPTON's SKU reduction from 13,600 to 1,700 post-Unilever separation led to substantial revenue growth. This strategic simplification clarified roles and responsibilities and highlighted the personnel capable of delivering results.


Roos's Leadership Superpowers

Nathalie attributes her leadership success to her people-centric approach. She believes that decisions made focusing on benefiting all stakeholders lead to the most effective outcomes. This philosophy, coupled with her conviction and the ability to inspire and align her team, stands as her leadership superpower.


Concluding Insights and Invitation to Explore Further

Nathalie Roos's leadership at LIPTON Teas and Infusions is a masterclass in integrated value creation, skillfully combining business acumen with a profound understanding of people management. The key takeaways from her tenure underscore the importance of creating stakeholder value, strategic focus, and aligning organizational priorities with clear incentives. Her approach, characterized by people-centric decisions and effective energy management, is a testament to her unique leadership capabilities.


Dive deeper into Nathalie Roos's transformative leadership approach by watching the entire webinar available on demand. This is your chance to gain direct insights from one of the industry's most influential leaders and understand the intricacies of building a successful, people-centric enterprise. Take advantage of this valuable learning opportunity.




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