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The New Work of HR - Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of our New Work of HR series.

In this 6-part video series, our founders Sandy Ogg, Sumeet Salwan and Shefali Salwan discuss the new work of HR. This new work requires us to focus our attention on Talent Management, Organization Shaping and connecting talent — and values — to value. In part 1 of our series, Sandy and Shefali consider their perspectives on Talent Management and Performance Management within the context of the Jobs To Be Done, the pre-defined jobs that will deliver the value outcome as specified in the RoleTalent Card.

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Join HR leaders, finance experts and strategy partners of influential global businesses to learn and help shape the new work in Human Capital. Starting with Connecting Talent to Value and Value Coaching, you will learn a modern approach to managing your most critical roles. Whether you are responsible for a business or for HR, the Value Coaching Certification program is where you will learn what your organization needs you to know so it can succeed in this era of exponential change. Inside this year-long program you will develop your Value Coaching capability through training, practice and mentorship.

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An inflection point for Human Resources.

Significant change is underway in HR due to the new demands of this exponential era. In the past, the HR function dealt with servicing the people in an organization and partnering with business leaders. When change was linear this approach worked well, when done well. In order to keep pace, avoid disruption and outperform competitors, HR must take a leadership role in driving change and capturing value. 

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