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The Talent to Value Company is the global authority in precise, value-focused Human Capital interventions. Through cutting-edge tools and insights, we rapidly connect talent to value to improve your company’s returns, mitigate risk and minimize disruption.



We help CEOs connect value to the right talent with precision.



Our team helps private equity firms create value rapidly for desired returns.


Talent helps HR executives step up and lead the business evolution.

What’s a New CHRO to Do Now?

You’ve just been offered your career “dream job” as CHRO. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead change, rather than be consumed by it. But it’s 2020. Instead of riding a bullet express train, you’ll be on a rollercoaster. The business environment is even more chaotic than during the fiscal crisis of 2008. Profits slide down suddenly, slowly climb back up, only to slide down even faster and eventually rise again. You have about six months to make an impact and be the “solution” before you become part of the “problem”. Where should you focus your time, attention and energy?

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What We Do

Our team helps business leaders around the globe succeed with actionable insights and innovative tools, elevating customers, employees, stakeholders and communities alike. Leveraging decades of knowledge and experience, we rapidly unlock value to generate measurable results and long-term capabilities.

We teach and advise through training, certification and mentorship programs in diverse industries and regions.

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/grow: The CEO's Master Playbook

Everyone expects you to do with the value curve what technology is doing to the change curve: Bend it up—exponentially. This presents a formidable challenge and in order to succeed, leaders must embrace the concept of leadership by design. Leadership by design is about you, the role you play as a CEO and who you are as a leader.

We now find ourselves in a world where technology is changing the nature of work itself. The rate of change has shifted from linear to exponential and change is, literally, changing fast. We are living in a world where people expect you to deliver the miraculous. /grow is part of the essential tool-kit leaders need to guide their organizations through this sea of rapid change.

Behind every successful organization there is a factor that sets it apart: dedicated, competent, dynamic and effective leadership.

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