Win big with talent

In a fast changing world, you need a new approach to talent management.


increase your asset's performance

Boost performance with the right talent in key roles.



lower talent risk across your organization

Elevate returns and reduce talent risk in Private Equity.



raise the chro role for your organization

Changing the work of HR to meet today’s challenges.



let sandy inspire your organization

Sandy connects with audiences and inspires results.


Dos & Don’ts: Momentum

Your job as CEO here is to select the one thing that the company can do now that will have the biggest impact on inertia and do that first. Personally sponsor the initiative if it will deliver some of the highest value in your sequence. Power it up with a FAST team. Hold the senior executive leading it accountable for getting it done well and quickly. When it’s finished, personally acknowledge them and celebrate the win widely to create a ripple effect in the company. Move on to your next initiative.

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In today’s new business environment, we are all sailing in white waters. Disruption is everywhere. Growth is exponential, not linear. To ride this wave of turbulence new ways of thinking about Leadership are required.

The CEO’s job today is still to capture value over time. However, winning in an exponential world is a matter of being the fastest at capturing the most value. Creating value quickly is where the methodologies excel. We help leadership teams achieve significant impact through talent. We train executives to identify what roles in their organization deliver the highest value today and tomorrow. Once those roles have been defined, we help CEOs design those roles for success, power them up with insanely great talent and energize that talent to deliver the results.

The evolution of HR: from people to talent.

A significant shift is underway in the world of Human Resources. In the past, the HR department has traditionally dealt with servicing the people in an organization – leaving the leadership teams underserved. With this shift comes a change in focus. We are at the forefront of an evolution that will elevate the role of HR from a narrow focus on people and processes to concentrating on delivering and enabling value. In this new era, HR leaders can use their influence to connect the value of different roles within the organization and help structure those roles for success.

When companies excel at connecting talent to value they can generate positive, impactful change. Reach out to the team to find out how we can help you increase your impact.