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Sumeet Salwan


Sumeet has spent the last three decades thinking about, leading, and connecting talent with business value. As a human capital entrepreneur, and Co-founder of, he works directly with C-suite leaders, Fund Managers, and Operating Partners to build better businesses.


Innovator. Disruptor. Mobilizer.

Sumeet Salwan garnered more than 20 years of experience with Unilever, rising through the ranks from intern to director to leader of the global program office of HR in Rotterdam. He helped build Unilever’s talent strategy for emerging markets and then led its execution as head of HR in the Asia Pacific region. As Senior VP of HR for Unilever North America, he led their integrated $10B business transformation.

Sumeet has also served as global head of HR for two of Johnson & Johnson’s business units: first, their worldwide consumer business and then their medical device company. He currently sits on the advisory board of SVP Global, a firm specializing in Private Equity Investments, and leads multiple Talent-as-a-Service partnerships with PE founders and platforms. When he is not driving business success, you will find Sumeet with a guitar in his hands, a song in his mind, with a room full of family and friends.

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