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Talent Choices

You can’t create value without assembling the right talent.

The Problem

Hiring based on poor evidence, old tools, and techniques, interview bias, or genetics is risky. The cost of a bad hire can be astronomical. You can’t create value without selecting or deselecting the right talent. 


The Solution

Our evidence-based approach to Talent Choices is the key to reducing hiring risk. Through our Talent to Value process we work closely with organizations to select or deselect talent at the point of value creation, and we will never be incentivized to “fill the seat”. 


    Areas of Expertise

    Our Talent to Value infused products to help with your Talent Choices.

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    Evidence-based hiring of external talent aligned with your business strategy.

    Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 9.18.15 AM

    Assessing talent with multi-point evidence approach, in the context of the role and the work.

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    Due Diligence

    Talent assessment analysis focussed on the fewest things to drive results.

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    Assessing internal and external candidates in context of the future work.

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