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Talent Allocation

Searching for the roles and pinpointing the points of leverage.

The Problem

Too much time is spent allocating talent to the top of the hierarchy when the real need is at the points of value creation usually located deeper in the organization. Hiring a CEO, who hires direct reports, who in turn hire their direct reports, is too slow in the fast-changing world. Waiting for the ‘trickle down effect’ does not work. You are going to discover that your talent and value are spread out across the organization.


The Solution

It is one thing to be able to select talent well, but it’s another thing to be able to allocate talent where the value is. Our process pinpoints where you need stunningly good talent, and we focus on the fewest that will make the biggest difference today. Think bigger, start smaller.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Learn more about our Talent to Value infused products that help with your Talent Allocation:

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    Critical Role ID

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    Our identification process creates a value-ranked list of roles, derived from the critical work that needs to be done to deliver the value agenda.

    This list of 25-50 critical roles (usually less than 1% of the company), we have seen deliver 80% of your value.

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    Role-Talent Match

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    The RoleTalent card which is the heart of the Talent to Value process illuminates the execution risk to your strategy. There are inherent risks embedded in the work, the role design, or the talent match. Such as the degree of difficulty, clarity, alignment, or having the decision right or resources to do the work.

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