CEOworks Terminology

A little confused about the terminology we use?

Don't worry, we've put together a simple glossary to help you better understand the new distinctions we've created so you can get the most out of our articles and whitepapers.

Bend the Curve Case
The aspirational part of the company’s value agenda focused on tomorrow’s sources of value that bends the value curve upwards through the implementation of: new business models, strategic initiatives, products or markets; significant efficiency or cost-cutting programs; and/or other improvements.

Critical Role
Roles critical to the company’s ability to realize its value agenda. Can be either directly accountable for increasing revenues and expanding profit margins or responsible for performing a highly interdependent function that facilitates value creation, protects value and/or positively impacts execution speed. 

Evidence Mosaic
A framework for collecting data related to: 1) a critical role, and 2) the evidence that a particular candidate will succeed in that role.

Jobs To Be Done
The three to five key actions and outcomes that must be accomplished by anyone assigned to a specific critical role.

“The List”
A complete list of the company’s critical roles.

Momentum Case
The part of the company’s value agenda that defines the value expected from the company assuming it continues to do what it does today (what we call today’s sources of value). As a part of the value agenda, this “business-as-usual” value may see either growth, contraction or flatlining, depending upon market conditions and disruptions in the industry or countries in which the company operates.

N-3 Org Chart
An organization chart that outlines the hierarchy of positions from one to three levels down from the CEO.

RoleTalent (or roletalent combination)
The combination of a specific talent in a specific role.

Value Agenda 
A set of strategic choices intentionally made by a company’s senior executive leaders to focus their organization’s talent on work that will generate value over time.

Value Hotspot
A place of activity in the organization where a significant change in value creation is occurring or is expected to occur.