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Talent to Value

Revolutionizing the work around talent and value

Our unique process identifies value “hotspots” in organizations, defines the Jobs To Be Done™ at these hotspots, and then expertly connect the talent to the critical roles driving this value. When a critical role is connected to the right person a “click” happens. It’s the perfect meeting of talent to value.

Imagine a world where everyone feels that “click.” It is only within this state that value can be delivered. Good things always happen when the ‘click’ is found, and we strive for a world where everyone finds their click.
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The Talent to Value Method 

How it works

1-illuminate-1 Illuminate the Value Agenda

What value is the company creating? What work has to be done to deliver all that value?


2-identify Identify the Critical Roles

Which roles will create or enable value? Which roles will be responsible for executing the work?


3-connecting Begin Connecting Roles & Talent

What are the Jobs to be Done for the role? What evidence is required to assess the RoleTalent match?


4-sequence Sequence the Transformation

What financial risk is inherent in the design of the role and the talent match? What is the value at risk for the whole company?


5-mobilize Mobilize the Returns

Which talent interventions will have the greatest positive impact on the value agenda? What will be the ripple effects of the role interventions we are considering?


Talent to Value Insights:

Do you know the 20 roles in your organization that drive 80% of value?

Talent to Value in Action

The five step Talent to Value process
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Download the White Pager on Talent to Value