Generating speed to value

What We Do

Private Equity Consulting

With time often the enemy, we help private equity firms find ways to create value rapidly to achieve desired returns.

Competition for assets is greater than ever with more players entering the space. It's no longer enough buy low, run interventions on the balance sheets, and turn a good profit.

Our specialized knowledge and experience allow you to cut through any complex and overwhelming situations, hierarchies, personalities and organizations to immediately and directly address key leadership and talent issues.

Helping our clients through this disruption is imperative.
— Sumeet Salwan

You may have noticed that where the value sits is shifting even faster. The challenge in reinventing an organization is to adapt rapidly to this new reality. We need to run the organization while we change it. The only way to achieve that with the time and resources available is to proactively choose what can realistically be done and then organize that work into a set of doable initiatives. Our recent whitepaper reveals how we accellerate time to value across large organizations.


Download our white paper to learn how to run and grow your business while you change it.

Power Up Fast

Sandy Ogg discovered that 80% of companies that were able to bend the value curve upward within the first 12 months produced 2.5x returns. What set them apart from the failures? A key element to mobilizing your value agenda is connecting talent to the value you are trying to create. To discuss opportunities, contact us.

In a world disrupted, stakes are high and companies must move fast. The best business strategy will run the fewest initiatives possible to deliver the value within the shortest possible timeframe.  Therefore, what work can the company complete in the time you have?

Money is not patient.
— Sandy Ogg