Generate speed to value in private equity.

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In private equity, and increasingly in the corporate world, you’ve got to ensure your asset or corporation will perform quickly. Time is the enemy. The situations, hierarchies, personalities and organizations at play can be complex and overwhelming. You need to cut through it all and come up with solutions that work. 
Money is not patient
— Sandy

Competition for assets is greater than ever with more players entering the space. It's no longer enough to buy low, run interventions on the balance sheets, and turn a good profit. To produce the desired returns today, firms must find new ways to create value, at speed. When businesses fail to address key talent and leadership issues early on it can signal a rapid descent.

Urgency is not about doing something right now and quickly. Urgency is about doing the right things in the right sequence and timeframe following the right methodology.
— Sandy

Intervene early to power up fast.

In his early days at Blackstone, Sandy discovered that eighty percent of the companies who were able to bend the value curve upwards within the first 12 months produced 2.5x returns. What did those companies do that set them apart from the failures? One key element to mobilizing  your value agenda is connecting talent to the value you are trying to create.