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To create powerful returns for stakeholders, employees and the planet, we help you connect value to the right talent with precision. Talent is the number one challenge for every business of every size. Sometimes it's easy to see the misalignment between talent and value; other times, it's not so clear. Success starts with knowing what the big value jobs are and making sure they're aligned with the right people. The first step is to simplify the value agenda. Next, we must examine the roles critical to fulfilling it. Through this process, we move away from hierarchical thinking and power up the roles with the most value. Filling those roles with the right people rapidly leads to increased overall performance.

Not having enough of the right talent where it matters is like trying to run a Ferrari with cheap gas in the tank. It’s a formula for frustration and poor performance.

— Sandy

As CEO, do you know which roles in your organization are absolutely critical to realizing your company’s value agenda, who you have in them, and how well they are doing? Rarely do the three C-suite leaders—the CEO, CFO and CHRO—come together to flag the specific roles in our company that drive value. Yet the contributions of this Golden Triangle are what we rely on to secure our performance today and make future growth possible.

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If you're a CEO or business leader, you need to know and understand the value at play and the talent that sits in those key roles. To create powerful returns for your stakeholders, your employees and the planet, you need to make sure you’re connecting that value to the right talent in a meaningful way.

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