Connecting talent and organizations to value.

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At, we want to have a positive impact on the world by helping businesses perform better. And we know that businesses perform better when they connect their talent and organizations to value and values.

In partnership with McKinsey&Company.

Sandy Ogg founded to advise, consult and teach business leaders the tools and approaches needed to establish and maintain the connection between talent and value.

Sandy is the person that CEOs and other heads of HR look to for advice on this topic. We have been integrating’ intellectual property into new tools and methods of working with our clients.

- Chris Gagnon, Global CoLead Org Practice, in partnership with McKinsey&Company, is applying our methodology inside organizations on a global scale to generate value around the world. Sandy’s practical methodologies and tools combine the best thinking on leadership and business growth in today's rapidly changing landscape for both the corporate and private equity environments.


Never satisfied. Always innovating.

Our small, agile team is focused on continual research and development. This allows us to refine our tools and approaches based on our experience "in the field". As you read this our diverse and talented team members are nurturing a pipeline of new ideas to assist our clients in real world applications. 

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