How can businesses succeed in this era of rapid change?

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At, we believe that business is a force for good in society. Businesses has the potential to move the world forward and create extraordinary value for all stakeholders. Yet too many people, at every level, have disconnected from the value their organization is trying to create. At, our aim is to show you how to connect talent to value in order to generate significant growth. Because we know that connecting those two is critical to business success in this era of disruption.

In partnership with McKinsey&Company.

Sandy Ogg founded to advise, consult and train business leaders of large corporations to establish and maintain the connection between talent and value – one business, one team and one person at a time., in partnership with McKinsey&Company, is applying our methodology inside organizations on a global scale to generate value around the world.

Sandy’s practical methodologies and tools combine the best thinking on leadership and business growth in today's rapidly changing landscape from both the corporate and private equity worlds.

Proprietary, proven tools for success.

We have developed our own tools that drive meaningful change inside large organiztions and have used these tools sucessfully with our own clients. These tools are available for the exclusive use of clients as well as those we work with through our partnership with McKinsey&Company. It is the combination of our collective expertise and our proprietary tools that allow our clients to reduce the talent risk in their organizations and to get their assets to perform quickly.

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