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Revolutionizing the work around talent and value across Europe.
Our cutting-edge tools and methodologies are designed to pivot human capital interventions from process excellence to value creation. We supercharge the execution of strategy by precisely connecting it to talent selection, talent allocation and talent mobilization. 
We are evidence-based, risk seeking and obsessed with defining “the fewest possible things” that will bend your value curve 

We are the Talent to Value Company.

We work globally with:

women-ceo-tile700x400 CEOs We help business leaders deliver value in time.
fabio-rodrigues-iuLMNZkXsSw-unsplash CHROs We help HR leaders connect their work to value with new tools.
download fund managers Reduce the talent risk present in your investments.
private-equity-cmo-1 Operating Partners We help implement repeatable solutions to create value rapidly.

Hein J.M. Knaapen


As the Executive Talent Specialist in Europe, Hein is an internationally recognized expert on HR innovation, talent development, and organizational capability building. He brings over 35 years of experience to the team and has received several awards for his contributions to the field of human resources. Hein’s is focused on deploying the Talent to Value™ framework at the executive level. As an advisor and mentor, he aims to guide leaders toward maximizing the return on their talent investments.

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