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HR is at an inflection point. From boardrooms, corner offices and social media, prominent business leaders have declared it's time to transform the role of HR. Not only are we due for a change in the human resources, technology has ushered us into an exponential era that demands businesses keep up or risk going under. The tools and approaches of the 80's will not suffice when established industries are an app away from permanent disruption.

This new era provides an opportunity for HR executives to step up and lead the evolution. 

From People & Process, to Connecting Talent to Value.

In this new paradigm, the CHRO must begin to understand where the value hotspots are and use their expertise to source talent for where the organization is heading, while protecting the value that exists today. The new role of HR is about driving growth, mobilizing change and energizing the organization to deliver on its ambition and purpose.

Hire for where you want to be, rather than where you are.

— Sandy

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