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Working with CHROs

In the era of frequent and permanent technology disruptions, our team helps HR executives step up and lead the business evolution.

We help teach leaders how to break out of the 'people and process' paradigm and transition into connecting talent to value. CHROs must understand where the value hotspots are so they can use their expertise to source talent that aligns with the organization's direction, while protecting the existing value.

By leveraging proven language, tools and principles, HR is able to drive growth, mobilize change and energize the organization to deliver on its ambition and purpose.

As the world changes, so too does “value” change. It literally moves around.

— Shefali Salwan

As value shifts it presents us with either a crisis or an opportunity. How can we narrow the widening gap between where the value is moving to and where the talent resides? Improving our ability to shrink this gap is a critical skill HR leaders need today in order to drive growth tomorrow. Discover how you can generate value for you and your organization through the Value Coaching™ process.


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